Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I find anything on this site?

A: We hope this new site is much easier to use for you puppy-seekers, as we’ve gone to great length to simplify the navigation.  The doghouses on the right of the screen are buttons that will take you to the page for individual breeds and open up new options to see all of our moms and dads and any available puppies that we have at the moment.  On the sidebar at the left of the screen are more buttons that will take you to much more information (which you must know already as you clicked to get here!).  To visit our blog for all the latest news and to see the most recent puppy litters, click the blog button at the bottom of the page.

Q: How much does a puppy cost?

A: Because of the wide variety of puppies we offer, every puppy is priced on an individual basis.  To see the price of any puppy, CLICK on its picture in the gallery and it will enlarge and be accompanied by info on prices and estimated adult sizes.  Prices depend on sex, color, size, pedigrees, and AKC paperwork (Limited or Full AKC).

Q: What payment methods do you accept?

A: We accept checks, money orders, or you can pay online using PayPal.  If you choose to use PayPal, click the PayPal button in the left sidebar to see more information and a link to pay.  Our standard deposit amount is $300-500 to reserve a puppy, or specify the balance owed when making the payment. Be sure to add 3% to your total for the PayPal fee that comes out at my end. Of a $309 deposit, I end up with $299+.  It is around $3.00 per $100. When coming to pick up your puppy to take it home, we ask that you please finish paying in cash.

Q: What is the difference between “Limited” AKC and “Full” AKC papers?

A: “Limited” AKC is for a pet. You will get an AKC paper, but if that dog–male or female–is ever bred, you cannot register the puppies. Usually a spay/neuter agreement is signed and papers held until proof is shown. Sometimes, not always, “limited” AKC is put on a puppy because of a slight problem, hernia, overbite, underbite, something that could possibly be passed on if that dog were bred.

 “Full” AKC is needed for breeding or showing your dog. “Full” AKC registration usually costs more than “limited”, which helps the “Pet” people not pay as much as a breeder or show person would pay for the same puppy.

Q: Do puppies come with tails docked and dew claws removed?

A: Yes, this is done between two and five days of age. The tails are cut “properly.”  They are not left with a tiny little stub that when a pom is scissored on the end of the tail, the Poodle looks like a Bunny Rabbit running around. The tails are cut the way the Poodle tails are supposed to be cut. The tails and dew claws are also done on my Yorkies at that age. Only the dew claws are done on the Goldendoodle babies.

Q: Does my puppy come with a health guarantee?

A: Yes. Every puppy comes with a one-year health guarantee.  To read and print the health guarantee, click the “Information” button on the left sidebar.

Q: Do the puppies have any shots and/or wormings before they leave?

A: Yes. We start giving puppy shots at 7 1/2 weeks of age. Then at around every three to four weeks after that should the pups still be here. They should have a series of three puppy shots. Wormings are also started around two weeks of age and given every couple of weeks. Our vet gives the rabies shot if the pup needs to fly and is over 15 weeks of age.

Q: Do all your dogs have names??

A: This is such a fun question! I have to say, “If your Mother had 10 kids, would she NOT name the last three?” So, yes, all of our dogs have names! Oh, there are four white moms here! Yes, and you have a couple of kids who look alike too! Do you know who is who? LOL! They all have their own personalities too! Each one is different in their own special way! And each one is loved for who they are! Plus, all our dogs are tattooed or microchipped (they have to be) in case the AKC man stops by!

Q: Can you ship my puppy?  How much would this cost?

A: Yes, we can ship puppies.  We try to use only Continental, now.. United Airlines. We ship out of Cleveland, Ohio. United Airlines is the only airline who takes good enough care of the puppies that they can ship during any temperature–unless, of course, the airport is closed due to weather conditions.  Prices have gone up tho since Conitnental and United merged. The cost is $350-$375 for pup and carrier under 9 1/2 lbs. total weight. Shipping for bigger pups, Standard Poodle or Goldendoodle, starts at $400. That is for total weight of pup and carrier up to 50 lbs. This price also includes a complete check up by our vet for vet papers needed for each puppy to fly and the price of the carrier, which you keep. We have a three hour round trip to Cleveland Airport, and these prices do help a little to cover gas, time, and turnpike tolls to get there and back. We usually use the “Clipper” carriers, very nice and secure for the puppy.

Q: Boy or girl puppy? Which is better?

A: Either! What’s the difference if it is  going to be a pet? A spay/neuter is the best thing for the health of the puppy, and this sort of makes the gender a non-issue, right?. How are YOU going to raise your puppy? Friendly? Socialized? Or the neighborhood terror…? Lock them away when friends come over? Or teach them to get along with people and other animals? Dogs are only as smart as the people who train them! Some people will never ever own a male dog, some people will never ever own a female dog. Spay/ isn’t either or  then..what’s the difference? And, trust me, your dog doesn’t “care” if it is fixed!  Neutering at the young age they do nowadays, the males don’t usually ever lift their legs to go pee, so they can’t kill your flowers! Do it for their health!

Q: What about a puppy kindergarden for my new puppy?

A: Great! Any money spent on training your puppy is money well spent. They will train you right along with the puppy! There is also lots of training tips online and in the library. But… the entire family has to be on the same page. If the kids say, “Sure, come up on the couch,” and Mom says, “NO WAY!,” the puppy’s brain will be spinning in circles: “Can I? Can’t I? Someone says yes, someone else says no!”

Q: How soon should I take my puppy to the groomers?

A: As soon as they allow it! Having owned my own grooming shop for 18 years, I have worked with “puppies” who are now two years old and have never had a bath or had clippers or dryers used on them! Groomers like to work with puppies! All my pups need grooming! We have been trimming nails, trimming butts, trimming the hair in the corners of their little eyes since about two weeks of age. They have had a couple of baths before they leave our home. They have had the doggy dryers used on them. They do very well! The younger you start anything, the better! They need groomed all their lives and we like to make it a good experience for them. Lots of smooth talking and reassurance makes for a pleasant pup to work on. So I guess you will want to call around or stop by a groomer’s and feel comfortable with them as a “Dog Person.” Go to one who wants to work on your puppy while it is still young. Even if they don’t do a lot the first couple of times, it will get the pup used to what goes on. Make it a pleasant experience for them!