House Training Tips

Here are some suggestions for house training puppy.

Buy a Crate or baby gate. Confinement and routine are the two important things to remember in potty training your puppy quickly and successfully. A baby gate can be used to place baby in a utility room, or bathroom, with a tile floor. Using newspapers for potty purposes, a pet bed, food and fresh water, puppy will be safe while you are out. A crate, no paper down, is used to teach puppy to “hold it”, until you take him to his place to potty.

Establish a schedule and don’t deviate from it. The “when” and “how” you housetrain needs to be consistent so make sure all the family members follow the same guidelines.

Pick the soiling spot, a newspaper in the utility room, or place in your yard, and take your pup there when it is time to eliminate. The odor from previous visits to this spot will stimulate the urge to defecate and /or urinate.

Many new owners confuse their pup by using different words for the same command. In the housebreaking process, it is a good idea to use the same word like “outside” or “potty” every time you take puppy to his spot to eliminate. Consistent use of a key word, along with the activity will help build a level of communication between you and your pup. Later, while you are watching TV and notice your dog staring at you, you can say the “outside” or “potty, and your pup will go to the door.

Be Patient. Dogs may urinate or defecate more than once during the outing. Don’t distract your pup from the job at hand. Some pups do not want you to observe them while going potty. If this is the case, place them in a safe place, such as an exercise pen, and leave them alone long enough to take care of their needs. If you catch puppy in the act of having and accident, tell him, “NO!” forcefully, pick him up and take him to his potty place. If you don’t catch him, simply clean up the mess and scold yourself for not being available. Do not scold the puppy.

Praise them for their success. Pat them and say, “Good Dog”. Be consistent, patient, praise when appropriate, and be willing__for however long it takes___ to invest the time and energy necessary to make this important training time a success. The effort you put forth now will be well worth it for the lifetime of your pet.

Most puppies should be taken out:

  • After waking in the mornings
  • After naps
  • After meals
  • After play or training
  • Before being put to bed

The #1 rule in this, as in training your dog to do anything, is to be consistent!!